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The products of the Pasta factory of Rocco Milazzo are made by the  following  Sicilian traditions; some adapted to today’s tastes, others, on the other hand, are “creations”.

The production concerns the processing of selected and Sicilian Certified Durum Wheat Semolina and the transformation into ARTISANAL SEMOLINA PASTA.

The production process excludes the use of chemicals, preservatives and any other product capable of altering the authenticity and typicality of the pasta.



Semolina pasta is prepared exclusively with durum wheat semolina and water.

The operations to produce the pasta of the Pastificio Milazzo are both manual and automatic, respecting all the characteristics of the traditional method.

strongly with durum wheat semolina and water.



The semolina is poured into special tanks and kneaded for about 20-25 minutes with the addition of water, the resulting mixture is then worked in another tank (kneading) to obtain the right consistency.

Drawing / Cutting: For Bronze Drawn Pasta

Drawing / Cutting: For Bronze Drawn Pasta

Drawing / Cutting The mixture obtained is extruded at low pressure (in order not to ruin the product and not to subtract the rich organoleptic characteristics it originally possesses), through a cavity and bronze dies that allow the desired shape and give the pasta the classic roughness that allows to better hold the toppings. The extrusion tube is cooled by means of a chiller to avoid the overheating of the product. During the extrusion of the pasta, the latter is given the desired length by means of a group of knives positioned immediately after the extruder: For Pasta Drawn In

The mixture obtained is VILAMINATION


Lamination: For Laminated Pasta

After obtaining the right consistency of the dough, the latter is rolled and wrapped in reels and, through the machinery (calibrators and cutter), it is given the desired thickness and length.

Milazzo pasta is handcrafted, with exclusively Sicilian durum wheat semolina.
It is a long-life "artisan pasta", with a duration of about 24 months from production.


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